Senoko Referral Code

Senoko Energy Referral Code

What is the Senoko Referral Code?

With the Senoko Referral Code, you and your friend can each get a $30 bill rebate when you switch over to Senoko Energy.

Need a Senoko Energy Referral Code?

My Senoko Energy referral code is GYMI73WR. You and I can each get $30 bill rebate.

Any other Senoko Promo Code To Stack?

You can also stack on 1 more other promo codes.

5 Reasons I Decide on Senoko Energy

These are my reasons for deciding on Senoko Energy:

Big Brand Name

Senoko Power have been in operation for over 40 years and creates approximately 20% of Singapore’s electricity supply. With their history, I feel more assured that they have lesser risk of folding. I certainly don’t want to waste time to research for a new electricity retailer.

Competitive Fixed Plan

Using this official site (, Senoko Energy has the most competitive prices for 12 and 24 months plans as the time of writing. In addition, they offer automatic contract renewal. The renewed electricity rate will be lower than the regulated tariff at the point of renewal.

Highest Rebate Plan

There are several promo codes for rebates at the moment from $100 bill rebate to $135 bill rebate for 24 months plan (valid til 20 apr 2021). Which code to use, will depend on which bank you have your credit card with.

Smart Rewards

Although this is not a factor in my consideration to sign up, it is nice to know that Senoko Power has a reward programme too.

No Security Deposit & Registration Fee

As of time of writing, no security deposit & registration fee is required

Why Switch To A Electricity Retailer?

If you go for the Discount Off the Regulated Tariff Plans, you will always be paying lesser than that what you pay to SP group. So, it definitely makes sense to sign up.

Fixed Plan or Discount Off the Regulated Tariff Plans?

Source : SP Group

6 months, 12 months or 24 months fixed plan?

As you can guess, since I’m going for the Fixed Price Plan, I definitely choose the longest fixed plan in the market i.e. 24 months.

My Senoko Power Referral Code

If you need a Senoko Power referral code, you can use mine GYMI73WR(I will earn $30 and you will earn $30 too).

Will my Electricity be interrupted when I make a switch?

Your electricity will remain uninterrupted when you change to another retailer as SP group is still operating the national power grid and delivering the electricity to you.